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I've helped countless dreamers become doers! Now it’s YOUR turn! It’s time to take all those ideas you've been writing about for years in your journal and manifest them! Everything you need is within your reach but sometimes it takes doing what you've never done before to get things you've never had. Let's work together to reach your goals!
Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get as a member of the Emerge Online Community!
Accountability Partners 
Imagine having a group of friends to cheer you on and wanted nothing in return other than to see you be successful and fulfill your purpose in life? That’s what the Emerge Online Community is all about. No matter if you’re trying to grow in your faith, business, relationships or personal life, we’re here to help you follow through on the goals you’ve set. The atmosphere of the group is a 100% positive - safe space! 
Live Chats, Resources & Mentorship 
Wish you could “pick my brain” or get feedback on a matter? Inside the Emerge Online Community, I’ll be doing Q & A’s to answer your most burning questions. I’ll also be sharing resources I use to grow my influence and my business. You’ll go behind the scenes with me to check out my writing sessions, content creation and you’ll get to see how we create events, both live and online!
Monthly Book Club Sessions
If you know me, you know I’m an avid reader. Within the community, you’ll be included in my monthly book selections, recommendations, and discussions.
Weekly Bible Study 
Your faith and knowledge of the Word sets the tone for everything you do (or don’t do) in life. The stronger your foundation, the stronger your faith will be. Grow in the Word with our weekly online Bible Study.
'Members Only' Discounts
As an Emerge Online Community member, you get access to (BIG) discounts and advance admission to select online courses, live events, meet ups, workshops and more!
The Emerge Online Community is PERFECT for YOU if you’re ready to:
  • Take full responsibility for where you are now and where you can go in the future,
  • Stop exerting energy that yields no results,
  • Gain a new way of looking at life and business while working hard to reach your goals,
  • ​Meet other like-minded Christian women who are working to become the best and highest version of themselves and help other women do the same.
The Emerge Online Community IS NOT a good fit for you if:
  • You get defensive easily and don't receive feedback and advice well,
  • You aren’t ready to focus and possibly expose areas in your life that need improvement,
  • You just want to ask a lot of questions but don’t really want to do the work it’ll take to manifest real change right now,
  • ​You are NOT ready to take responsibility for your own results and progress by actually doing the work.
Joining the Emerge Online Community is absolutely FREE! You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! As a THANK YOU for signing up, you’ll get a FREE Audio Chapter Download from my Best-Selling Book, “My Best Year Ever: 12 Lessons to Help You Make This a Year to Remember”. You’ll get one of my fav chapters - “Learning When to Let Go”. This chapter is all about harnessing the power of letting go of people, habits and things that no longer serve who you are becoming. 
I know it will bless you. 
And it’s your FREE GIFT just for joining the Community!
Sign Up Here & Get Your FREE GIFT Just For Joining The Emerge Online Community!
About Your Virtual Mentor - Rachel L. Proctor
Rachel is a Texas-bred entrepreneur. Her goal is to revolutionize the way women lead in business, ministry and public service. She loves to see women go after BIG goals and get things done! She's the former Mayor Pro Tem for the City of DeSoto, Texas. 

Rachel is consummate entrepreneur and savvy business woman. She grew up watching her dad build businesses and began working alongside him at the tender age of 13. That opportunity planted a seed that grew into her desire to help others grow their business. 

Over 2,000 students worldwide have taken Rachel's business training programs. She is also the brainchild and creator of the eMErge® Online Devotional App. Through the app, Rachel engages subscribers with daily inspirational messages and Bible teachings. 

Rachel is a two-time published author. She's recognized by the Dallas Business Journal as a 2016 “Top 40 Under 40” Inductee. She's received countless other awards for her achievements in business and community service. 
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